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Claire Huang Profile


Nathan Waltham, PhD

Queensland Government and Smithsonian Fellowship 2022
Project: Restoring coastal ecosystems


Catchment and coastal development impacts on the Chesapeake have been studied more extensively than any other estuary in the world. The region has very similar natural resource management challenges to those facing Queensland's Great Barrier Reef (GBR) catchments (spatially extensive agricultural and coastal development effects on water quality and coastal/coral reef resilience). The challenges, and therefore the solutions, facing the Chesapeake Bay and the GBR catchments are very similar. This project will explore lessons learned and successful solutions established that are transferable to Queensland.





Henry Legett, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: Climate change in the Chesapeake Bay: shifting environmental regimes and anadromous fish migration

The timing of life-history events in many plants and animals depend on seasonal environmental conditions. Annual migratory and reproduction events, for example, are often timed to match periods of specific conditions that correspond with peak recourse abundance. Climate change, however, is altering environmental regimes and disrupting natural cycles and patterns.

At SERC, I am investigating how environmental factors are driving the spawning migration patterns of river herring, alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) and blueback herring (Alosa aestivalis), in Chesapeake Bay rivers. I am also characterizing the thermal regimes within these river networks and assessing the effect of anthropogenic influences and riparian habitats on stream temperature dynamics and river herring spawning behavior. My research will alow for more focused management of river herring and habitat restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay.


Lili Bowman Profile


Lili Bowman

Assessing oyster reef restoration using underwater video and high-resolution sonar







Ryan McIntyre Profile


Ryan McIntyre

Raising the bar: Oyster science and innovative resources for educators and youth




Isaac Robertson-Brown Profile


Isaac Robertson-Brown

Horseshoe crab habitat use and movement inferred from acoustic telemetry






Caitlyn Dittmeier Profile



Caitlyn Dittmeier

Communications and community engagement with the Rappahannock Working Land and Seascapes project


Claire Huang Profile


Claire Huang

Assessing impacts of dam removal on river herring migration, spatial habitat use, and spawning success in the Patapsco River.





Zophy Galvan Profile


Zophy Galvan

Exploring long-term trends in blue crab operational sex ratios.





Aiman Raza Profile


Sunnidae Gallien

Assessing fish, crustacean, and macroparasite communities on restored and harvested oyster reefs.



Amber Staples Profile




Amber Staples

Monitoring phenology of river herring (Alosa pseudoharengus and Alosa aestivalis) spawning activity using automated detection of splashes.



Aiman Raza Profile


Aiman Raza

Comparing fish and crustacean communities on harvested versus protected oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay





Alex Declid

Exploring trends in summer flounder abundance in Maryland relative to environmental variability and fisheries management





Maya Drzewicki

Assessing the quality of shallow tributary forage habitats for
striped bass in Chesapeake Bay








Daniella Gavriel

Enhancing oyster aquaculture production using prenatal effects








Liana Quinones

Communicating research projects and conservation goals to the non-scientific community using videography and filmmaking





Grace Buckley

High school STEM intern


Allison Tracy



Allison Tracy, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow 2019 - 2022
Project: Chesapeake Working Land and Seascapes; oyster reef ecology




Gabriel Ng


Gabriel Ng, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow 2019 - 2022
Project: Blue swimmer crab stock enhancement in the Philippines






Laura Givens

Graduate Fellow 2021; Duke University Marine Lab
Project: Testing the performance of eDNA as an indicator of biodiversity changes in oyster habitat





Claire Huang Profile


Julie Luecke

Volunteer; Chesapeake Conservation Corps 2020-2021
Project: Public engagement work and translating the lab's scientific research for a broader audience
The Chesapeake Conservation Corps (CCC) is a Maryland state program that funds yearlong positions for young environmental professionals at Chesapeake Bay watershed organizations.




Sarah Mallette

Graduate Fellow 2020; George Mason University
Project: Global shifts in cetacean distribution due to rising ocean temperatures