Fisheries Conservation
Principal Investigator


2020-2022. Advancing monitoring and management of mid-Atlantic alosine fishes with eDNA analysis ($210,393 over 2 years). Maryland Sea Grant. PIs: Plough LV, Ogburn MB.  

2020. Complex threats to ecosystem restoration: Interactive effects of parasites and bioeroders on oyster reefs ($73,849 over 1 year). Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Studies. PIs: Ogburn MB, Lohan KP, Tracy AM.

2020. Tennenbaum Marine Observatory Network - MarineGEO Chesapeake Bay ($91,109 over 1 year). PIs: Ogburn MB.

2019-2021. The value of shallow water nursery habitats of upper Chesapeake Bay to the Summer Flounder Paralichthys dentatus ($233,058 over 2 years). NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office. PIs: Ogburn MB, Lohan KP, Bangley CW.

2019. Tennenbaum Marine Observatory Network - MarineGEO Chesapeake Bay ($86,401 over 1 year). PIs: Ogburn MB, Miller W.

2019. Barcoding the invertebrates of the Chesapeake Bay bioblitz. Smithsonian Institution DNA Barcode Network ($7,000). PI: Ogburn MB.

2019. Chesapeake Working Land and Seascapes. Anonymous donor to SI’s Working Land and Seascapes Initiative ($120,000). PIs: Ogburn MB, Komatsu K.

2019. Leveraging the Chesapeake Bay fish collection for eDNA studies. Smithsonian Institution DNA Barcode Network ($7,000). PI: Ogburn MB.

2018-2020. Integrative assessment of the quality of shallow tributary forage habitats for Striped Bass in Chesapeake Bay ($240,011 over 2 years). NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office. PIs: Ogburn MB, Lohan KP, Hines AH.

2018-2019. Management of MATOS for the ATN ($75,000 over 1 year). NOAA IOOS Animal Telemetry Network. PIs: Ogburn MB, MARACOOS.

2018-2019. Habitat use patterns and migratory connectivity of Cownose Rays (Rhinoptera bonasus) in Pamlico Sound ($16,870 over two years). North Carolina Aquarium Society. PI: Bangley CW.

2018-2019. Crossroads of Arabia: Smithsonian-Saudi Aramco biodiversity monitoring ($500,000 over 1 year). Aramco Services Company. PIs: Leimgruber P, Marra P, Ogburn MB.

2016-2020. River Herring spawning run monitoring in Chesapeake Bay – II (MD, VA) ($587,956 over 3 years). National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Smithsonian Institution. PIs: Ogburn MB, Hines AH.