Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a group?
We can only accommodate visitors in groups of six or less. Large vans and buses are not allowed. All trail users must arrive by car and park in the designated spaces.

Where can I park?
You can park at the Reed Education Center and at the Contee Farm parking area. Parking is not permitted in all other areas. You will not be allowed to park outside the park and walk in.

Are there restrooms available?
Yes. Restrooms are at the Reed Education Center, and composting toilets are by the Contee Mansion Ruins. All other buildings are closed to the public.

Are there picnic areas available outside?
Yes, there are a number of picnic tables around the Reed Center, and inside the covered picnic pavilion. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please wipe down and clean your areas when you leave. Trash bins and recycling are provided.

Can I bring my pet?
We love animals, but we ask that you leave your pets at home because we are an active research facility and a wildlife sanctuary. Pets are not allowed on the SERC campus.

Is swimming allowed?
Sadly, we are not able to accommodate swimmers and sunbathers, as our dock and seining beach frequently host school field trips and other educational programs.

Can I launch canoes and kayaks?
Yes, absolutely! Please drop off canoes or kayaks and then park at the Reed Center. The launch fee is $5 per canoe or kayak, payable at the Reed Education Center.

What if I arrive by dinghy or kayak?
If you arrive by water, trail maps are available at the Reed Center. Please tie up at the dinghy dock or pull up into the grass by the ramp. Please do not tie up on SERC's larger dock where the research vessels are located.

Can I walk or hike the road to the main campus?
Sorry, not right now. The only areas open to visitors are the first half of the dock (not beyond the gates), Reed Center restrooms, trails, and Contee Farm parking and restrooms.

Have more questions? Call 443-482-2200 or visit our Contact Us page.