Annual Reports

Annual Participatory Science Reports

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Participatory Science (formerly Citizen Science) Program at SERC. 

Your time, energy, and contributions to our program are incredibly important and make a big difference in what research questions we are able to ask, what data we can collect, and how SERC research is done. 

Every year, we create an annual report to share highlights from the various projects and work in SERC Labs (except for 2020-2022).

Check out the 2023 Annual Report.


Check out previous year's reports: 

  • Looking out onto the pathway and experimental chambers distributed throughout a green marsh.

    The Global Change Research Wetland (GCREW) where volunteers are involved in multiple research projects.

  • Volunteers on a dock against a backdrop of greenery and water. The volunteers are gathered around traps.

    Volunteers work together to go through traps as a part of the Chesapeake Bay Parasite Project.

  • Volunteers sift through soil and stand around the screens and piles of sifted soil. They are against a forested backdrop and blu

    The Environmental Archaeology Lab hosts a public dig day, inviting experienced and new volunteers to participate in an archaeological dig by Java Ruins. 

  • A boy in sunglasses and life vest on a boat gathers a water sample from dark blue-gray water using a water bottle.

    During a Satellite and Samples event for the Chesapeake Water Watch program, a volunteer collects a water sample using a water bottle.