Coastal CarbonCoastal Carbon Working Groups

Coastal Carbon Working Groups

In order to quantitatively improve the state of the science through collaboration and training, one of our proposed activities is to use five topical working groups over the next five years to share data and expertise. 

Our first working will meet in December 2018 at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Participants for the working group have been selected, but if you are interested in attending to observe, and have the ability to fund your travel, please let us know at

Although we are no longer accepting applicants for our first working group, the application portal below is left open for gauging interest in future working groups.

Working Group Overview: Improved measuring, reporting, modeling, and mapping of soil carbon burial rates and carbon stocks in coastal wetlands

Learn about the members and goals of the CCRCN's inaugural working group.

Apply for Working Groups

Interested in joining a future working group? Express your interest here. Although no formal applications are currently being received, entries here will be used to gauge interest for topics that deserve attention.