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2017 Student Projects

In 2017, students in the Urban Ecology Engagement Initiative (UEEI) conducted independent research projects. They presented their findings at a symposium held at the S. Dillon Ripley Center in Washington, D.C. which was attended by more than 130 students, family members, teachers, and science professionals! We are so proud of what the students accomplished, and you can check out their findings by clicking on each presentation below. 

  • Kids in t-shirts
  • Kids with  teacher
  • Students in the woods
  • students with soil
  • student smiling with soil
  • students with teacher

Click on each of the projects below to view the student presentations! 

Buck Lodge Middle School 

Albert Einstein High School

  • Pepper Plants and Sunlight by Maylin and Renar (poster)
  • Worms by Eunice (poster)
  • Vinegar Worms by Vanessa and Kuran (poster)
  • Marigold Flowers With Orbeez by Kemberly, Michelle, Allan, Keiry, and Brenda (poster)
  • Grass by Henry, Marvin, and Manuel (poster)
  • Best of Cars (poster)
  • Green Peppers (poster)
  • Growth of Grass by Johanna and Ivan (poster)
  • Does Wind Speeds Affect Buildings? By Axel (poster)
  • Populations of Humans and Wildlife by Tracy, Tony, Issac, Aaron, and Javier (poster)
  • Wildlife Animals by Amber and Nakato (poster)
  • Vinegar Worms by Joseph, Jordan, and Jason (poster)
  • Grass Growth by Justin, Jason, and Abraham (poster)
  • Marigold Experiment, by Jevin, Tajuan, and Victoria (poster)
  • Grass by Krystal and Jonathan (poster)
  • Genetic Immunity (poster)

Sherwood High School

Walker Mill Middle School