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Text on the left side of the image reads, Let's get started! Learn about all of the ways you can contribute data to the Chesapeake Water Watch project. On the right is a vertical image of a phone with the screen showing a section of the HydroColor App. At the top of the screen, there is a graph, titled Carr's Wharf 1, showing the relationship between reflectance (y-axis) and wavelength (x-axis), with a blue data point, a green data point, and a red data point. Looking at the data points from left to right, the graph shows growth at the beginning, and then a plateau. Below the graph is a partial table with the following data: Date: 05/06/21; Time: 10:24:54; Turbidity: 22+-8 NTU; [SPM]: 21+-8 g/m^3

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Reach out to the Chesapeake Water Watch Program Specialist, Shelby Brown

  • Two volunteers checking that the study location is clear

    Project volunteer, Sharon Hensley, and project coordinator, Shelby Brown, check their study location on the Rhode River to see if it's clear to collect data.

  • Two volunteers uploading data into Fieldscope

    Summer '22 intern, Elizabeth Ramos, and volunteer, Sharon Hensley, enter their data into our online database Fieldscope.