Citizen Science ProjectSurvey Our Shores


As a community scientist, you will be looking for oysters, oyster drills, and rockweed at any of 10 study sites around San Francisco Bay. By counting and measuring these species, you are collecting data that will be used to estimate and map population densities of these organisms, which helps for planning restoration projects. We can also compare your data to those from years past to see what changes are taking place over time.

Your data will help us to answer the following questions:

1) Where in San Francisco Bay are drills, oysters, and Fucus present and in what abundances? How does the abundance of these species vary with tidal elevation?

2) Is greater abundance of Fucus positively correlated with greater abundance of oysters at higher tidal elevations, especially where drills are present?

3) Under what range of drill densities are live oysters also present?

4) Is a greater abundance of Fucus also positively correlated with greater abundance of drills at higher tidal elevations?