On-site Group Trip Information

Thank you for choosing SERC to host your outdoor education field trip!

Follow the instructions below to get your field trip booked and your students prepared for a fun, educational day. Please remember to read our Field Trip Policy Form

  1. Program Deposit: There is a $100 program deposit required to hold your date/time. **Please note: Deposits are non-refundable (except in emergencies or cancellations by SERC staff) and go towards your total program fee. Once you tentatively book your program with SERC Education staff you have 10 business days to pay the program deposit or your date/time will be freed up for other groups. You may pay by cash, credit card, or check. Call 443-482-2216 to pay by credit card.
  2. Complete and Send Form: Please fill out our online Field Trip Request Form. Once we receive your request, it will be reviewed and we will contact you with further details. **Please note this form does not constitute an agreed upon booking or reservation.
  3. Prepare: Go through the following tabs to prepare for your field trip and see what to expect while you are at SERC!

If you have any questions, please contact Karen McDonald at


When you bring a group to SERC for a field trip, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. To help you with this, here are some resources for planning your field trip, including things to do before you arrive and how to prepare your students.


  • Prepare for the weather. It can be 10 degrees cooler on the docks.
  • Consider commute time and traffic. **Note: Google Maps may take you to the wrong location. Please use the directions provided on SERC's website.
  • Provide payment in full upon arrival or have arranged to remit payment within 10 days of field trip.

Dividing the Group

  • Students: Dependent on program activity (see downloadable PDF for instructions)
  • Chaperones
    • Grades 3-12: 1 adult per 10 students
    • Special Education: 1 adult per 5 students
    • Canoe trips require additional chaperones (see downloadable PDF for instructions)

Clothing (Students and Chaperones)

  • Prepare for the weather. Hot or cold, it helps to dress in layers.
  • Closed shoes (closed toe and heel)
    • No crocs, flip flops, open toed, or open backed shoes
  • Light jacket or raincoat (if needed)
  • Sunscreen, allergy and other medications
  • If anyone has known allergies (e.g. shellfish), please be sure to let SERC staff know at the beginning of the day

Food and Beverages

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch (food is not available at SERC)

When you bring a group to SERC for a field trip, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. To do this, we need your help. Please follow these short expectations:

  • Active participation during the program
  • Remain with your assigned student group at all times
  • Model kind behavior towards all animals
  • Limit phone calls and texts
  • Limit photos to before and after program
  • Wear name tags (students and chaperones)
  • Abide the maximum speed limit of 15mph on SERC's campus
  • Most activities are our outdoors
    • You may get wet
    • You may get dirty
    • You may be exposed to the sun and elements (e.g. rain, wind, etc.).
  • Closed shoes (toe and heel)
    • No crocs, flip flops, high heels, etc.

Please check back soon for information regarding field trip related activities that you can incorporate into your classroom lesson plans.

Field Trip Resources:

How to Prepare for Your SERC Field Trip (PDF): Information on field trip preparation, which covers topics such as travel time, payment, weather policies, chaperone policies, clothing policies and food.

Chaperone Field Trip Information Sheet (PDF): Information about expectations of chaperones and a field trip quick reference sheet with information about schedules, safety, school groups, students, and teachers.

Download the PDFs below to get a more in-depth description of each field trip, a list of NGSS standards met by the field trip, and a list of media (videos, books, and links) that you can use to help prepare students for each station on the field trip.

Directions to SERC