About Us


Alison Cawood is the Citizen Science Program Coordinator. Here are a few fun facts about Alison!

  • Her favorite flavor of ice cream is rocky road.
  • Her science hero is Eugenie Clark, who was a shark ecologist.
  • Her favorite part of working with citizen scientists is watching people make discoveries.
  • She has one dog, four cats, and an ant farm!




Maria Sharova Staff Picture

Cosette Larash is the Public Engagement Program Specialist. Here are a few fun facts about Cosette!

  • Her favorite dessert is brownies.
  • Her science hero is Sylvia Earle, known for her research and documentaries designed to raise awareness of the threats that overfishing and pollution pose to the world's oceans.
  • Her favorite part of working with citizen scientists is getting the community involved in hands-on scientific research.
  • Cosette enjoys anything involving water including sailing, scuba diving, and paddle boarding.



Sofia Baah is the Citizen Science intern for the summer. She is working on organizing and analyzing data from the Invader ID project, a citizen science initiative involving volunteer-classified images of marine fouling communities. Here are a few fun facts about Sofia!

  • Her favorite dessert is Ghirardelli brownies.
  • Her science hero is Hank Green, the entrepreneur, Crash Course creator, author, and science communicator extraordinaire.
  • Her favorite part about citizen science is demystifying the world of research and creating ways to make science accessible.
  • Sofia enjoys baking, spending time with her cat, working out, and creating art in her free time.













Kelly Hobbs is the Citizen Science intern helping with SERC's Science To Go activities and public events. Here are a few fun facts about Kelly!

  • Her favorite dessert is chocolate frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog.
  • Her science hero is Kurt Reitz. He "mentored me as a former intern at Elms Environmental Education Center. His mentoring and confidence in me helped mold my future career hope in becoming a vernal pool ecologist."
  • Her favorite part of citizen science is instilling curiosity in others and watching others light up when making discoveries as well as participating in opportunities they may not otherwise get to experience elsewhere. Exploring my curiosity in nature was among my favorite memories as a child, so it is a joy to share that with others.
  • She has a 16 year old cat and she was there when he was born!