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B.S. Marine Science, Stockton University, 1998
M.S. Zoology, North Carolina State University, 2003

Research Interests:

Long-term fish and invertebrate surveys, Estuarine and marine ecology, Population and community ecology, DNA barcoding, Invasive species, Active and passive biotelemetry of fish and invertebrates, Gut content analysis,  Electrofishing techniques, Blue Crab mark-recapture, Blue Crab population and fishery dynamics, Scientific diving, Biodiversity surveys, Herpetological monitoring, Anuran calling surveys

Contact Info:
Office: 443 482-2436
Fax: 443 482-2380
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
PO Box 28 (USPS)
647 Contees Wharf Road (shipping)
Edgewater, MD 21037


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