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My research has focused on the role of ballast water in the transportation of aquatic organisms across the globe. I have experience performing land based testing of ballast water treatment systems, ship based sample collection of ballast water and more recently shipboard ballast water treatment system testing. I am experienced in zooplankton and phytoplankton analysis techniques, including the use of automated assessment technologies i.e. FlowCAM.



BSc. Marine Biology, Newcastle University UK (2006)

PhD. Marine Science and Technology, Newcastle University UK (2011)

SERC Postdoctoral Fellow (2012 -)


Current projects:

  1. The effect of ballast water exchange on zooplankton transported in ballast water – an assessment of major US ports.
  2. The current status of phytoplankton present in ballast water.
  3. Ballast water treatment system testing for USCG approval (landbased and shipboard).
  4. An experimental assessment of the role of hull fouling in species transport.
  5. The role of propagule pressure in the success of a potential phytoplankton invader.
  6. The assessment of novel tools developed for USCG compliance testing.



K.J.Carney, M.Minton, K.Holzer, L.McCann, W.Miller, G.Ruiz. (In prep). Temporal changes in global trade and the transport of marine organisms to the Chesapeake Bay by commercial ships.

K.J.Carney, S.Gollasch, T.M.McCollin and G.M.Ruiz. (In prep). The transport of phytoplankton in ballast water: concentrations relative to mandatory discharge limits.

KM Pagenkopp Lohan, RC Fleischer, KJ Carney, KK Holzer, GM Ruiz. (2015). Microbial eukaryote diversity in ballast water revealed by amplicon-based 454 pyrosequencing. Microbial Ecology. DOI: 10.1007/s00248-015-0684-6 

K.J.Carney, O.C.Basurko, K.Pazouki, S.Marsham, J.E.Delany, D.Desai, A.C.Anil, E.Mesbahi. (2013). Difficulties in obtaining representative samples for compliance with the Ballast Water Management Convention. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 68(1-2): 99-105.

K.J.Carney, J.E.Delany, S.Sawant, E.Mesbahi. (2011). The effects of prolonged darkness on temperate and tropical marine phytoplankton, and their implications for ballast water transport. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 62(6):1233-1244.