Citizen Science ProjectSalt Marsh Census

Get Involved

Citizen Scientists are critical to the success of this project!

Without committed volunteers, it would be very hard to gather the amount of data we do! We could not get as many chambers, process as many samples, or have as large of dataset without the help of committed volunteers.

Eligibility and Time Commitment

We ask that volunteers be able to join us for at least half of a day, preferably for multiple days straight. All participants must be 16 and over, because the projects involve lab work.

Location and Days/Times

Sampling occurs on the SERC campus in Edgewater, MD at the Global Change Research Wetland site and will take place July 22 - July 26 and July 29- August 2, 2019.

To sign up or for more information

Contact Alison Cawood, SERC Citizen Science Coordinator, at or 443-482-2271.