Citizen Science ProjectBluebird Monitoring

The "What" and the "Why"

What are we trying to learn?

Bluebird box in field

We want to understand patterns in the bird populations and what causes them. How are the local bird populations reacting to environmental changes in weather and land use? We know that there was a decline in their populations in the late 1960's, but we don't know why. Tracking bluebird populations as well as their reactions to changes in weather, land use can help us understand what affects the species.

Why do we care about bluebirds? Who cares if they disappear? 

Bluebird eggs

Bluebirds have a large historical and cultural significance in the Eastern United States. They continue to play an important role in protecting crops from insects, ensuring a reliable food source for people. Farmers plant bluebird boxes around agricultural fields to feed on insects that can otherwise destroy crops.