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Matt Lepper

Intern Matt Lepper posing in front of a science poster titled Looking Forward
Summer 2023 intern Matt Lepper (Credit: Nick Greene)

Institution of higher education: Wabash College

Academic major: Biology, with an Environmental Studies minor

Class: 2025

Summer research/project: Soybean Rhizobial Diversity


My research experience thus far at SERC has been nothing short of amazing. I have had the gracious opportunity to work with distinguished individuals, expand my laboratory and field work skills, work on projects I'm passionate about, and have fun every step of the way. This internship has allowed me to gain invaluable experience in environmental research, something that I will be forever grateful for.

Kiyomi Johnson

Headshot of intern Kiyomi Johnson
Summer 2023 intern Kiyomi Johnson (Credit: Kiyomi Johnson)

Institution of higher education: Earlham College

Academic major: Museum Studies with a Biology focus

Class: 2024

Summer research/project: Coastal Disease Ecology Lab: The effects of introduced Smooth Turtle Leeches on the Northwestern Pond turtle


My internship experience has honestly changed my life. I had so many invaluable experiences both in and out of the lab. In the lab, I learned so many different technical skills that I will carry with me in my future career with mentors who were so caring and ready and willing to teach me. In the lab, I ran successful dissections, DNA extractions, PCRs, and Gel electrophoresis. Outside of the lab, my mentors encouraged me to learn about different careers and network with people in my fields of interest. While at SERC, my network has tripled, and I learned about fields I did not know existed! SERC has set me on the path to success by introducing me to new fields within STEM and giving me the tools and skills to succeed in these fields.

Skylar Livengood

Intern Skylar Livengood posing in the lab
Summer 2023 intern Skylar Livengood (Credit: Skylar Livengood)

Institution of higher education: Bryn Mawr College

Academic major: Biology and French

Class: 2024

Summer research/project: Genotypic variation and rapid evolution of the invasive marsh reed Phragmites australis in response to global change


This summer at SERC has been extremely beneficial to me as a young researcher. I’ve been able to run my own research project, shadow in other labs, and make invaluable connections with like-minded scientists who care deeply about both about protecting ecosystems and facilitating solutions for communities in the face of global change. This is my second summer at SERC, and I’m so grateful for the time I was able to spend here.

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