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The "What" and the "Why"

What is the difference between weather and climate?

The difference between weather and climate is the measure of time.

The effects of weather can be studied in one place at one particular time and consists of short term changes in the atmosphere. For example, weather consists of precipitation, cloudiness, wind, humidity, etc. Climate is the long-term trend of weather in a particular area. An average climate in a certain area can change and be felt from generation to generation. For example, if springtime comes earlier in the season than it did 30 years ago or if the summertime average temperature is the highest it has been in a decade, the climate may have changed in that region.

Why trees?


Trees are important to all life on Earth, especially to our very human existence. Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize soil, and provide food and shelter to all creatures. Without them our world would be in peril. To understand the influence of weather and climate patterns on trees, we must track their growth in a various places with different climates.The Global Tree Banding Project is just a start to gather tree responses to weather and climate change. In the future, we hope to expand it to cover more regions and more climates, to create a complete picture of how the world’s forests are adapting to climate change.