Visitor Cottages

Newly built Visitor Cottages. One blue, two olive, and a partial view of one beige cottage are shown. The cottages have solar panels on their roofs. There is a small street in front of the cottages. There is a forest behind the cottages, and some young trees planted in the front yards. The bright, blue sky above is mostly clear, with a few clouds.
Newly built Visitor Cottages (Photo: Nina Tan/SERC)
Sleeps 5
1 queen bed and 4 twin beds
Fully equipped kitchen

SERC has six new cottages available for use during extended workshops, conferences, and for visiting scientists. Each cottage has three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living area, and laundry facilities. The cottages are equipped with Wi-Fi, SI phone service, fire and smoke alarms, and a TVĀ (with satellite or streaming capabilities). The first floor has one bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a private bathroom. The second floor has two bedrooms, with two twin-sized beds in each room, and a shared bathroom. Each cottage can house up to five people, with a total of 30 available beds. Cottages 1 and 2 have accessible rooms on the first floor, as well as accessible laundry, furniture, and appliances.

The Visitor Cottages are within walking distance from the Mathias Laboratory, the Schmidt Building, and the Reed Education Center.

Visitor Cottages 1 and 2 (Photo: Nina Tan/SERC)

Rental Fee

$60/night or $395/week

Double occupancy

$85/night or $570/week

Single occupancy

$350/night or $2,425/week

Full cottage

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