The Quest To Understand (and Manage) Invasive Phragmites

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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Online - Zoom

Speakers: Melissa McCormick and Dennis Whigham, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

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Green Phragmites reeds with brownish-purple tops
Phragmites australis on SERC's Global Change Research Wetland (Photo: Chris Patrick/SERC)

Since Phragmites australis began taking over U.S. wetlands in the 1970s, we have learned a lot about the non-native strain of this reed. Both human activities and the underlying biology of Phragmites have set the stage for its explosive invasion. In our March evening webinar, SERC ecologists Melissa McCormick and Dennis Whigham will delve into the latest science, developed over more than a decade of Phragmites research at SERC. They will also highlight efforts by scientists and local citizens to link the ecology of Phragmites with efforts to manage it, and discuss public perceptions of this not-so-friendly European visitor.

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