Preserving the History of a Jim Crow Era School: Restoration at the Mill Swamp/Ralph J. Bunche School & Community Center

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Event Location
Schmidt Conference Center

Speaker: Sarah Grady, SERC citizen scientist

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Built in 1930, the Mill Swamp School (later the Ralph J. Bunche School) educated African-American students in Maryland for over two decades during a time of Jim Crow and segregation. It became a community center after integration and a fight from the community to preserve it, and today celebrates African-American history and culture. The University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center are partnering with the center to preserve the school building, search for the preceding Freedmen’s Bureau school, and explore other archaeological manifestations of the community’s past. The board of trustees for the center determines the direction of the work. 

This talk is part of SERC's "Science and History on the Bay" winter evening lecture series. Lectures start at 7pm; light refreshments at 6:30. Free and open to all!