Virtual Field Trips & Talks


Even if you can’t visit SERC in person, you can experience our virtual field trips and talks.  

Interactive Virtual Field Trips for Schools & Groups (iVFTs)

Virtual field trips will bring SERC science into your classroom or home. All you need are:  
A reliable internet connection
A laptop or computer
A computer camera, microphone, and speakers
A projector (as needed)
The ability to do a Zoom conference or call-in
Days  iVFTs are offered: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am-3 pm, other days on a case by case basis
  • Cost: $75/session (min) or $2.50/person for up to 30 people; $140 for 31-60 people (VFTs & iVFTs)
  • Bulk Discount: 5% off if you book 4 or more sessions
  • Tech Tens: For each virtual field trip you are allowed to pre-arrange a ten-minute technology check with our staff, or we can do it 10 minutes before your program. You can call in using our link and make sure that all technology is working properly. These are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 am-3 pm.
  • Refunds: All program fees are non-refundable, but we will make every accommodation to reschedule when possible. 

Courses Available At This Time

Please keep checking back, we'll add new programs soon!

  • Introduction to SERC and SERC Research (60 min, 4th-Adult)--In this program we'll explore where SERC is, talk about SERC's many research labs, their research, and why it's important. 


  • River Otters of the Chesapeake Bay (60 min, 3rd-Adult)-River otters are cute, but also a great flagship species for the health of the Chesapeake Bay. In this program we will explore the biology and ecology of these neat creatures, talk about SERC's research into their role in the food web, and look at how we track them using game cameras. Romps of otters and videos abound. 


  • Plankton and Microscopes (60 min, 3rd-8th)-Plankton are the super heroes of the natural world, and also the Chesapeake Bay. For this program you will learn about phyto and zooplankton, their roles in the environment (negative and positive), and create your own plankton super hero. 


  • Sharks of the Bay & Shark Tagging (60 min, 3rd-Adult)- Did you know that sharks and rays often visit the Bay? They do! In this program we'll explore the different types of sharks and rays you might find, and how our scientists tag and track them. We'll also learn shark anatomy and challenge you to design and draw a shark tag. 


  • Turtles and Terrapins (45 min, 2nd-4th)--Terrapins are a type of turtle that are unique to the Chesapeake Bay. In this program we'll learn all about the differences between land and water turtles, meet a live terrapin, and read a story book. 
To learn more, or to book your virtual field trips, please contact Karen McDonald (