Chesapeake Bay Environmental Literacy Educator Training (EnLET)

Chesapeake Bay Environmental Literacy Educator Training (EnLET)

Genetic Techniques in Environmental Science

Saturday January 28th, 2023

A scientist in a white lab coat pipetting liquids into microcentrifuge tubes at a lab bench.

Interested in bringing genetic techniques based on real environmental science research into your high school classroom? Join SERC educators for a one-day professional development workshop focused on learning how genetic techniques are used in research at SERC and gaining experience using these skills with a hands-on, lab-based activity. All participants will receive a kit of supplies to bring the activity back to use with students in their own classroom.

  • Light breakfast and lunch offered
  • Informational sessions and hands-on activity
  • Kit of supplies and structured activity to bring genetics research back to your classroom
  • Stipend available for development and testing of related lesson with students ($100 per lesson, up to a maximum of three)
  • Increase understanding of how genetic techniques are used in environmental science research
  • Gain experience with carrying out and interpreting results from genetic research
  • Development of lessons or activities to engage students in further exploring genetic techniques in environmental science research (optional)
  • Participate in full day of workshop
  • Complete two surveys (pre-workshop and post-workshop)
  • For educators willing to participate beyond the workshop
    • Develop and field test lesson plan or activity
    • Complete additional survey following completion of lesson plan or activity
Interested in participating?

For more information or to register, please contact Anna Davis at