Marine Invasions Research

Principal Investigator

Virtual Earth Optimism Lecture: Global Trade, Ballast Water and Invasive Species On Ships

Man in blue jacket standing on hill overlooking Golden Gate BridgeGreg Ruiz, head of SERC's Marine Invasions Lab

Keep the spirit of Earth Day alive, with free Earth Optimism-inspired talks from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. On May 19, marine biologist Greg Ruiz will offer an inside look at the science to control the spread of invasive species. Global trade is enabling invasive species to cross borders via shipping at unprecedented speeds. But it’s also triggered the rise of new technologies to combat them. In this talk, Greg will highlight some of the latest efforts to track and clean up the ballast water in ship hulls—a key way invasive species have crossed oceans—and prevent future invasions.

Time: Tuesday, May 19, 7pm Eastern

Place: Smithsonian on Zoom

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