Staff Profile
Hope Brooks Photo


Research Interests| Orchid ecology, in vitro orchid propagation, mycorrhizal interactions, plant invasion ecology, forest fire ecology, military land management

Academic Credentials| BS Plant Sciences (2014) -- Penn State

Current Projects

  • Monitoring populations of Small Whorled Pogonia (Isotria medeoloides)
  • Genetic identification of orchid mycorrhizal fungi in the North American Orchid Conservation Center's fungi collection
  • Japanese Tsunami Mussel Debris
  • Mytilicola spp. in the Chesapeake Bay


McCormick, M.k., H.E.A. Brooks, D.F. Whigham. In press. Microsatellite analysis to estimate realized dispersal distance in Phragmites australisBiological Invasions. (IF=2.6, citations –).