SERC Housing: Terms and Conditions

Agreement for Use of Housing Facilities at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Welcome to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)! We certainly hope you find your stay with us enjoyable and productive. Housing is provided to enhance your experience at SERC, and we encourage you to walk the trails and explore the site. Whether you are here for research, education or part of a conference, we want you to feel a part of the SERC community. We wish to set forth some basic understandings and ground rules for your stay. Please keep this portion for your information.

SERC is redefining its operating philosophy to embrace the principles of sustainable operations. We encourage ways to reduce our imprint on the surrounding environment, including energy conservation, reductions in water use, recycling of products in the waste stream, composting, etc., and we look forward to you joining us in this effort.

We hold your personal safety in the highest regard. SERC maintains a uniformed security detail 24 hours a day. The officers are friendly and are here to assure that you remain safe while at SERC. If you have any concerns regarding your personal safety or a potentially-unsafe condition, please visit the Security Office or contact them at x22298 or 202-438-7983. Please do not leave the entrance doors to the any residence building ajar or propped open for any reason. You should carry your key with you whenever you exit the building. Custodial Services are provided in the common areas of the building. The staff will not enter your room and will not vacuum or empty trash in the rooms. This is for your safety and these duties become your responsibility. If you have a special request of the custodial staff, please contact Lauren Nicol or the Facilities staff.

The facilities are fully equipped with laundry and kitchen appliances, plates and utensils, television, DVD player, etc. We ask that you please take care of these items as if they were your own, as other guests have to use the same items and spaces as you do. All common areas need to be kept clean at all times. Rooms are assigned; please do not change rooms with others. If you wish to make a change, please contact Lauren Nicol. Any furniture pieces in the rooms are to remain in those rooms and under no circumstances should furniture be disassembled, reconfigured, etc.

The doors to your room are fire rated. In the event of a fire, the closed door will help contain the fire until the fire department can arrive. The automatic closer on each of the doors is an integral component of maintaining this level of protection. For your safety and that of our other guests, do NOT attempt to disconnect or otherwise disable the automatic closing device. Although you might find the closer a bit inconvenient, it is a violation of Smithsonian rules and local fire codes to disable this device. Do NOT prop open your room door. Smoking or open flame of any sort (e.g. candles) is never allowed in any Smithsonian building, including any housing unit.

We recognize that if you are staying with us for an extended period, you may wish to have visitors on site or in the housing facility. You MUST register all visitors with SERC Security. This is for your guest’s safety in the event of an emergency situation. SERC discourages overnight guests in our residence facilities as this has led to some problems in the past. • If you do have overnight guests, you must inform SERC Security at the time your guest registers on campus. Unregistered visitors will be asked to leave the campus. • It is your responsibility to notify the other residents in your area that you will be having an overnight guest. • Overnight guests are permitted ONLY on Friday and Saturday evenings – NO EXCEPTIONS. Violation of the Guest policy will result in a warning to the resident. A second violation will result in your dismissal from SERC residence quarters.

Sorry, but pets are NOT allowed on SERC’s property – even for a visit. SERC maintains the right for its staff to enter any of the rooms for any reason deemed necessary. Intern/guest parking is assigned to the last segment of the gravel parking lot across from the dorms (closest to the exit of the lot).

I have read the rules regarding my stay in SERC housing and I understand by clicking the "Yes" radio button I agree to abide by all rules governing the use of SERC housing. I understand that my failure to do so could result in my dismissal from SERC housing.