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Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Adds GreenVest to Its Corporate Leaders Program

Jan 25, 2021


A sustainable future—for the Earth and its billions of people—hinges on the ability to develop and rebuild infrastructure while treading lightly on the planet. GreenVest LLC, the latest company to join the Corporate Leaders Program at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), has built their mission on helping companies soften their environmental impacts.

At the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, scientists have been studying the benefits of ecosystems like wetlands and forests for over 50 years. In addition to SERC’s own stream and forest restoration projects, its scientists have monitored restorations in other settings and provided key data for creating “blue carbon credits.” The new Corporate Leaders Program recognizes businesses like GreenVest with similar goals that actively support SERC science.

“We’re pleased to have GreenVest as part of our new Corporate Leaders team,” said SERC Director Anson Hines. “I look forward to working with Doug Lashley and his team, and to learning more about GreenVest’s innovative environmental restoration and sustainability efforts, and how SERC research can support their important work.”

An environmental development and consulting firm, GreenVest specializes in restoration and mitigation projects throughout the mid-Atlantic. The firm has preserved or restored nearly 20,000 acres of streams, wetlands, forests and grasslands, including some that shelter threatened or endangered species. GreenVest also helps companies and communities with resilient and sustainable land planning, which can establish setoffs or credits that enable permit applicants to offset some of the unavoidable impacts of development projects. Most of GreenVest’s mitigation is performed for counties and municipalities, state transportation agencies, utilities, Department of Defense facilities and the private sector.

“We joined the SERC corporate collaboration team because of their commitment to long-term research to test the very technology and science applicable to the type of design and restoration work we undertake,” said Douglas Lashley, GreenVest’s founder and chief executive officer. “Having access to their scientists and the historical results secured is invaluable.”

About the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) provides science-based knowledge to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century. Headquartered on the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Edgewater, Maryland, SERC scientists and students lead research on coastal ecosystems around the world. The data they collect help inform decisions for wise policies, best business practices and a sustainable planet. For more information, visit

About the Corporate Leaders Program
Corporate Leaders commit to donating at least $2,500 annually to SERC’s research and education programs. As members, GreenVest staff will be able to access cutting-edge research analysis from SERC scientists, network with other environmentally conscious business leaders, engage their employees in active research projects and participate in broader Smithsonian corporate events. SERC launched the Corporate Leaders Program in May 2019. To join or learn more, contact Cole Johnson at or 443-482-2323.

About GreenVest LLC
GreenVest LLC, is a performance-based, services-oriented company providing a full array of ecological, biological and green infrastructure planning with a focus on durability and resilience. Its team of professionals specializes in ecological restoration, sustainable land planning, real estate services, regulatory compliance and finance. The company has its headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland, with additional offices in Edison, New Jersey, and Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, visit

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