Charles McC. Mathias Laboratory Conference Rooms

The front of the Charles McC. Mathias Laboratory building. There is a large silver-colored horizontal sign with large text that reads Charles McC. Mathias Laboratory.
Charles McC. Mathias Laboratory (Photo: Chuck Gallegos/SERC)
Seats 8-30
Teleconferencing capability

The Mathias Laboratory is the Smithsonian’s most environmentally sustainable building to date, and the first Smithsonian Building to achieve LEED Platinum status (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Conference rooms have the capacity to seat up to 8 people for our smaller rooms, and up to 30 for our largest room.

The daily rate to reserve a Mathias conference room ranges from $150 to $400 per day.

Mathias 1057

Mathias 1057 conference room
Mathias 1057 Conference Room (Photo: Christine Buckley/SERC)
Seats up to 12
Large flat-screen TV
Teleconferencing capability
Patio access

Mathias 1057 has the capacity to seat up to 12 people. The room's large windows allow for natural sunlight, and a beautiful view of the Teaching and Tranquility Rain Garden, with access to the patio overlooking the rain garden. There is a large flat-screen TV with teleconferencing capability. The conference room is near restrooms, a small kitchen area, and the Mathias Atrium.

Additional Mathias conference rooms

Mathias conference room with large windows and 10 orange chairs around a rectangular table
Mathias 2015
Mathias conference room with 2 rectangular tables with 12 orange chairs each
Mathias 1013
Mathias 2003
Mathias 1095

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