Asher House

Asher House
Asher House (Photo: Christine Buckley/SERC)
Sleeps 6
6 twin beds
Fully equipped kitchen

The Asher House is a residential home located near the entrance to SERC. It has three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. One bedroom has a private half bathroom. The Asher House has a fully equipped kitchen with two large refrigerators, a full-size washer and dryer, a living area, and a dining area. It is equipped with Wi-Fi, SI phone service, fire and smoke alarms, and a television (with satellite or streaming capabilities). All rooms in the Asher House have two twin-sized beds, with a maximum occupancy of six people.

Currently, Asher House is most appropriate for guests who have cars. We are working to improve walking/biking access between Asher House and the main campus, but currently, SERC Security has asked that Asher House residents do not walk or bike on the main entry road between the Asher House and where the walking/biking path starts at the Woodlawn House.

Rental Fee

$50/night or $325/week

Double occupancy

$60/night or $395/week

Single occupancy

$260/night or $1,795/week

Full house

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