Climate Extremes: What's the Forecast for Invasive Species?

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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Young man with blue sunglasses and dark hair stands on a rocky beach. Shallow desert mountains stretch out in the background.
Photo: Andy Chang, by Julia Blum

As the planet heats up, non-native species all over the U.S. are pushing north to follow the warmer weather. But the simple narrative doesn't end there. Dr. Andy Chang, lead marine biologist for SERC's California branch, has tracked the movement of species introduced by human activity to San Francisco Bay and the California coast for the past two decades. In addition to northward and upstream migrations in warmer years, his team has also noticed species getting wiped out in years of intense rainfall. In this talk, he'll reveal how climate change and extreme weather like droughts and floods are changing the seascape for invaders. He'll also highlight how countries can use this knowledge to help stop nascent invasions before they get a foothold, in San Francisco Bay, Chesapeake Bay and around the world.

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