Jellyfish in the Chesapeake: The Creatures We Love to Hate

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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Schmidt Conference Center

Speaker: Denise Breitburg (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)

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Get inspired by stories of Bay Optimism this year! Learn what's working in conservation in the Chesapeake and around the world, and how we can do more of it. SERC's monthly Bay Optimism lectures run every third Tuesday of the month, March through October. Lectures start at 7pm; light refreshments at 6:30. Free and open to all—curiosity is the only prerequisite.

July Lecture:
Jellyfish are beautiful to watch and fascinating to study, but they keep us from swimming in the hottest part of the Chesapeake summer. They are "tough" creatures that can survive in habitats that fish can’t use, but are also delicate animals that lack a skeleton and a brain. Find out more about these interesting creatures and their role in the Chesapeake ecosystem, with Smithsonian marine ecologist Denise Breitburg.

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