Evening Lecture

A Saga of Ecosystem Restoration at Soldier's Delight

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2016 - Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016 11:00pm - 12:00am
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Schmidt Conference Center

Event Details

"Managing Diverse Ecosystems in the Modern World: A Saga of Ecosystem Restoration at Soldiers Delight"

Speaker: Paula Becker, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Summary: Contrary to what some popular bumper stickers might say, trees are not always the answer. Sometimes the answer is grassland, prairie, savanna, or serpentine barren. Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area is a serpentine barren in Owings Mills, Baltimore County. This rare ecosystem is home to many nationally and globally rare plant and animal species. Even the bedrock and soil are unusual. We will explore the continuing effort by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to restore this site to a fully functioning grassland, by mimicking natural processes and relying on the skills of volunteers. We will also delve into the history of land use at the site and its conservation, driven almost exclusively by private citizens.