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Eastern Oysters Discovered in Panama

An expedition to the tropics and new DNA research revealed two hidden oyster species on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal.
(Image: Kristina Hill-Spanik)

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News and Research

Mangroves Divided on Journey North

Image: Blue Crab Basket (Credit: SERC).

With fewer winter cold snaps, Florida's mangrove trees are pushing north. But they aren't moving in sync. Black mangroves have a commanding lead over their red and white cousins, so a team of Smithsonian scientists trekked through the swamps to figure out why.

Two New Marine Species Discovered
in Portugal

Meet the newest members of the bryozoan world, discovered by SERC research associate João Canning-Clode and his colleagues in the Madeira Islands.
(Photo: Patricio Ramalhosa)

Oysters, Disease and Dead Zones

Image: Infected oyster slide (Credit: SERC Marine Ecology Lab)

In shallow waters around the world, there are dead zones that appear only at night. Oysters trapped in these regions are far more vulnerable to the deadly Dermo disease, a new study found.

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--Thursday, May 28, 3:00PM– 4:00PM
Weekly Seminar
"Speaker: Louis Plough"

--Saturday, June 06, 8:00AM– 4:00PM
Special Event
"SERC BugBlitz"

--Tuesday, June 16, 7:00PM– 8:00PM
Evening Lecture
"Stories of our ancestors: A 3,000-year history of SERC land"

--Tuesday, July 21, 7:00PM– 8:00PM
Evening Lecture
"Wetlands. Vs. Rising Seas: Who's Winning in the Climate of the Future?"

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