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Biodiversity Buffers Fish From Climate Change

The world’s fish have a secret weapon against climate change: biodiversity. Marine biologists with the Smithsonian’s MarineGEO and the Reef Life Survey tracked more than 3,000 fish species around the world and discovered fish in more diverse areas are more productive, and more resilient to climate change. That’s good news for the billions of people around the world who rely on fish for protein. Read more

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Double Jeopardy for Chesapeake Fish

Silverside reflected in tank

Low oxygen is already a deadly threat for aquatic life. SERC marine ecologists have discovered acidification—low oxygen's frequent companion—makes it even harder for fish like silversides to survive plummeting oxygen.

DNA Finds Fungi for Orchids

Melissa McCormick

The secret is in the soil. In one of the oddest couples in the natural world, orchids need fungi to grow. But finding those fungi can be tricky, until a new study from the Plant Ecology Lab used DNA to find those fungi in more places than anyone had suspected.

(Photo: Yini Ma)

Hunt for a Missing Nutrient

Karen Knee at the Choptank River Basin

Twenty years ago, SERC scientists noticed nitrogen was disappearing from streams all over the Chesapeake. Now they've figured out why, and found a way to measure something that's vanishing into thin air.

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--Tuesday, June 21, 7:00PM– 8:00PM
Evening Lecture
"Endangered Amphibians: Rescue and Conservation in the Real World"

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