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70 percent of the world's people live in the coastal zone. Come explore these lush but endangered ecosystems with our scientists, and learn how you can help save them.

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News and Research

Diverse Forests Better at Resisting Deer

In deer-infested forests, tastier plants can avoid being eaten if surrounded by less appealing plants. But with deer gone, plants are better with their own kind, finds a new study by SERC forest ecologists.

The Secret to Feeding 900 Babies

Naked mole-rat queens can give birth to up to 900 pups in their lifetimes. How do they produce enough milk for such a large family?

(Photo: Meghan Murphy, National Zoological Park)

Climate Change Sends Mangroves North

Image: Kyle Cavanaugh explores a field of white mangroves. (Credit: SERC)

With fewer cold snaps holding them back, tropical mangroves are taking over more of northern Florida. A new study tracks how climate change is helping them gain ground, using 28 years of satellite data.

(Photo: SERC)

Education and Events

Full Calendar of Events

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--Saturday, April 19, 1:30PM– 3:00PM
All Ages
"Nature's Eggs Hunt"

--Wednesday, April 23, 9:30AM– 10:30AM
"Puddle Stompers (Pre-K): Scaly Friends 9:30-10:30 am"

--Wednesday, April 23, 11:00AM– 12:00PM
"Puddle Stompers (Pre-K): Scaly Friends 11 am-Noon"

--Saturday, April 26, 9:00AM– 11:30AM
All Ages
"Canoe Excursion "

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