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(Photo courtesy of Tom Horton)

Keynote Lecture: Tom Horton

"Lessons from the Chesapeake"
Wednesday, Oct 14, 8 p.m.

Meet award-winning environmental journalist Tom Horton at SERC's 50th-anniversary keynote lecture, and learn what 43 years covering the Bay have taught us. A dessert reception begins in the Mathias Laboratory at 7pm, followed by the lecture at 8. This talk is free and open to all.


News and Research

Tracking the Bay's Cownose Rays

Cownose ray

Every year, cownose rays migrate 900 miles from Florida to Chesapeake Bay. But are they charismatic swimmers or shellfish-eating pests? SERC ecologists are tagging rays to track their migration and uncover what their presence means for the Bay.

Sailing Through the Arctic

Greenland's melting glaciers could make the ocean more vulnerable to acidification. Armed with a small piece of SERC technology, two sailors embarked on a 100-day journey to unexplored waters. (Photo: U.S. Air Force)

DNA Unlocks Mysterious Phragmites Invasion

Image: Oyster pilings in Panama (Credit: Kristina Hill-Spanik)

Arriving in the 1800s, the invasive Phragmites australis reed sat quietly until the 1980s, when its numbers exploded with no warning. Scientists didn't know what caused the sudden boom until a new DNA study revealed clues.

(Photo: Rebekah Downard, Utah State University)

Education and Events

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--Wednesday, October 14, 8:00PM– 9:00PM
Evening Lecture
"Lessons from the Chesapeake: 50th-Anniversary Keynote Lecture"

--Thursday, October 15, 11:00AM– 12:00PM
Weekly Seminar
"Multiple Scales of Environmental Context Influence the Distribution and Interactions of an Introduced Seagrass and its Native Congener."

--Thursday, October 22, 11:00AM– 12:00PM
Weekly Seminar
"Historical Ecological Data – Four ‘Just-So’ Stories from 1872 to 1943"

--Tuesday, November 17, 7:00PM– 8:00PM
Evening Lecture
"MarineGEO: Taking the Pulse of Coastal Biodiversity Around the World"

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