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I am interested in the causes and consequences of environmental change in forest ecosystems. My research combines field studies and manipulative lab experiments to address key questions in forest ecology. In particular, research focuses on how land-use change interacts with biological invasions to alter forest structure and functioning. Currently, I am a Bacon Postdoctoral Fellow at SERC investigating the effects of introduced mammalian herbivores (sika deer Cervus nippon) on forest regeneration. 


  • Devaney, John L., Redmond, John J. and O'Halloran, John. (2015). Contemporary forest loss in Ireland; quantifying rare deforestation events in a fragmented forest landscape. Applied Geography, 63 , 346-356.
  • Devaney, John, Barrett, Brian, Barrett, Frank, Redmond, John and O`Halloran, John. (2015). Forest Cover Estimation in Ireland Using Radar Remote Sensing: A Comparative Analysis of Forest Cover Assessment Methodologies. PLoS ONE, 10 (8)