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  • Schwartz, Grace E., Redfern, Lauren K., Ikuma, Kaoru, Gunsch, Claudia K., Ruhl, Laura S., Vengosh, Avner and Hsu-Kim, Heileen. (2016). Impacts of coal ash on methylmercury production and the methylating microbial community in anaerobic sediment slurries. Environ.Sci.: Processes Impacts, 18 , 1427-1439.
  • Schwartz, Grace E., Rivera, Nelson, Lee, Sung-Woo, Harrington, James M., Hower, James C., Levine, Keith E., Vengosh, Avner and Hsu-Kim, Heileen. (2016). Leaching potential and redox transformations of arsenic and selenium in sediment microcosms with fly ash. Applied Geochemistry, 67 , 177-185.