Staff Profile
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As SERC's Safety and Occupational Health Specialist, I am responsible for managing the use, storage and disposal of all hazardous chemicals, including radioisotopes.  I conduct and/or organize various safety training classes, from newcomers safety orientation to CPR/First Aid and Boat Safety.  I coordinate four blood drives per year with our community hospital (AAMC), and also work with SI's Health Services to have outreach programs come to SERC for Flu shots, Health Risk Assessments, and SHAPE walks.  I work with head technicians and supervisors in  developing Lab Safety Plans and Job Hazard Analysis profiles.  I chair SERC's safety committee of 22, with representatives from every lab and operational group (Science, Administration, Maintenance and Security).  We meet quarterly  for training and discussions on injuries, near misses, lab operations, personal protective equipment, and many other important topics.  I work closely with Security to ensure our staff is well versed in fire drills, and other emergency evacuation scenarios.  I ensure all occupational injuries are documented, and  work with supervisors to assist their employees through the entire reporting process.


National Safety Council: Advanced Safety Certificate (Principles of Industrial Hygiene, Principles of Occupational Safety and Health, Safety Training Methods)

DOT/IATA Hazardous Materials certification

HazWoper - Hazardous Waste Management certification

CPR/First Aid

Boat Safety Education