Participatory Science ProjectOyster Reef Monitoring
  • Woman holding PVC camera rig with two GoPro cameras attached at the base over the edge of a small boat in the water.

    Camera rig used for capturing images of oyster reefs

  • An underwater picture of an oyster reef with an abundance of oysters and bryozoans covering the seafloor.

    Restored oyster reef in Harris Creek, Maryland

  • An underwater picture of a barren oyster reef with lots of exposed mud and few oysters on the seafloor.

    Harvested oyster reef in Broad Creek, Maryland

About the Project

Oysters serve an important role in the economy and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay region, but historical overfishing and disease have resulted in a large decline in their abundance. Oyster restoration is ongoing throughout the Chesapeake Bay in order to replenish oyster populations. Monitoring of the oyster reefs that have undergone restoration is necessary to assess the success of the efforts.

Researchers at SERC are partnering with local riverkeeper organizations to capture photographs of restored oyster reefs in order to assess the structure of oyster reefs and the associated organisms living on the reefs. Collected images will be made publicly available online for analysis by members of the public.


Research Topics