Research ProjectMovement of Life Initiative

Movement of Life Initiative

  • Coastal Shark Habitat Use and Migration

    Blacktip Shark

    Movement of Life Signature Project: Coastal Shark Habitat Use and Migration

  • Cownose Ray migration in Chesapeake Bay

    Cownose Rays

    SERC is tracking Cownose Ray migrations along the US Atlantic Coast

  • River herring in Chesapeake Bay

    River Herring

    SERC is tracking river herring in Chesapeake Bay to learn about habitat use in spawning streams

  • Tagging blue crabs in Chesapeake Bay

    Blue crabs

    Tracking blue crab movements in Chesapeake Bay

Project Goal

The goal of the Movement of Life Initiative is to develop the science, technology, analytical tools and models to conserve and manage movement as a critical process for maintaining biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. At SERC, we focus on coastal fish and invertebrates and their connections with freshwater and the open ocean.


Many species on the planet migrate during their lifetime, using different habitats in different areas for different reasons at different times.  But what are those areas?  Which are most important?  What are they used for?  Our lab is interested in learning more about migratory species, and currently our projects focus on species that move in and out and around east coast estuaries and along the Atlantic Coast.  Our lab employs various tracking techniques, including mark and recapture and acoustic telemetry, in order to gain insight into the behavior and migration.  Follow the links at right to learn more about our animal migration studies