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meta key # zoop004
dataset or series of data CTD Profiles of the Chesapeake Bay, 1999
keywords physical, profile, water column, pressure, temperature, salinity, oxygen, CTD
originator Coats, D. W.
file format text
platform PC
study site locale Main Stem Chesapeake Bay, MD, USA
beginning date 19990620
ongoing? no
ending date 19990923
meas. freq. quasi monthly
site size 11500 sq km
# of stations 20 or more
west longitude -76.83334
east longitude -75.83334
north latitude 39.35
south latitude 37.11666
parameters pressure (db), temperature (deg C), salinity (PSU), oxygen (mg/L)
current sharing status downloadable from internet
current advertising status scientific publication, lecture, poster, SERC public site
abstract Conductivity, temperature, and depth (CTD) profiles of the Chesapeake Bay. Three NSF funded research cruises were run quasi-monthly during the late spring and summer of 1999. During each cruise at least 10 vertical profiles were collected.
additional documentation / reference article downloadable from

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