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meta key # weat001
dataset or series of data Air temperature data from SERC weather station
keywords Weather monitoring, temperature, SERC, Edgewater, Maryland
originator Correll, David; Jordan, Thomas; Duls, James; Higman, Dan
file format Access, *.mdb
platform PC
study site locale SERC Weather station, Edgewater, Maryland
beg. date (yyyymmdd) 19840331
ongoing? yes
end date (yyyymmdd)  
meas. freq. hourly, daily
site size .
# of stations 1
west long. -76.55333
east long. -76.55333
north lat. 38.88897
south lat. 38.88897
parameters Hourly Table: key, station number, year (YYYY), month, day, julian date, time (hhmm), hour average temperature (deg C), hour maximum temperature (deg C), hour minimum temperature (deg C). Daily Table: key, station number, year (YYYY), month, day, julian date, day maximum temperature (deg C), day minimum temperature (deg C).
current sharing downloadable from internet
current advertising status intranet, SERC public site
abstract In April 1984, a Campbell CR10x data logger attached to an automated weather station started recording temperature on an hourly basis. In 1994, the automated logger also generated the daily maximum and minimum summaries. These data can be found in an Access database in the tables "HourlyTemp" and "DailyTemp".
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