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meta key # phot003
dataset or series of data UVB spectral NASA Langley, Hampton, VA
keywords uvb, NASA, Langley, Hampton, VA
originator Klein, Goldberg
file format ASCII Text
platform pc
study site locale Hampton, VA
beg. date (yyyymmdd) 197807
ongoing? no
end date (yyyymmdd) 198104
meas. freq. 1 minute
site size point
# of stations 1
west long. -76.17
east long. -76.17
north lat. 37.03
south lat. 37.03
parameters date, time of reading, uvb irradiance at each of 8 filters (milliwatts/sq meter/nm)
current sharing status available w/permission
current advertising status SERC web site
abstract Precision measurements of UVB global irradiance in 5-nm-wide spectral bands centered from 290 to 320 nm were made with an 8-channel radiometer from July 1978 through April 1981 at NASA Langley in Hampton, VA.
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