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meta key # modl004
dataset or series of data land use for Cocalico basin, PA, study watersheds
keywords land use, agriculture, Pennsylvania, Lancaster
originator Weller, D.E.
file format ARC/INFO polygon coverage
platform Windows NT
study site locale Cocalico Creek watershed, Lancaster county, PA, USA
beg. date (yyyymmdd) 1997
ongoing? no
end date (yyyymmdd) 1997
meas. freq. once
site size 80973 ha
# of stations 2838 polygons
west long. -79.785
east long. -79.588
north lat. 49.304
south lat. 49.229
parameters area, perimeter, land use#, land use-id, croptype, land use; 14 land use categories: commercial, industrial, road, crops, orchard, feedlot/poultry house, pasture, hayfield, forest, brush, old field, water, quarry
current sharing status available to collaborators
current advertising status scientific publication, SERC web site
abstract Land use for NSF study watersheds in Lancaster and Lebanon counties, PA, sampled with automated stream samplers and spot sampling. Lancaster Co. GIS department provided an ARC/INFO coverage of land use patches digitized from their own March 1993 digital orthophotography. We used 1993 USGS b/w digital orthophotographs to add lines dividing agricultural land into land use patches and to extend the coverage to include watersheds in Lebanon Co. Classifications were field verified in September 1997. Crop and animal types were also recorded for agricultural patches.
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