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meta key # inva010
dataset or series of data Port Valdez, AK Ballast Water Community Analysis
keywords ships, ballast water, invasion biology, nonindigenous species, Port Valdez, Alaska
originator Ruiz, G.R., Hines, A.H.
file format Access, *.mdb
platform Windows
study site locale Port Valdez, Alaska, USA
mo./yr. beg. 199705
ongoing? yes
mo./yr. end  
meas. freq. continuous
site size N/A
# of stations N/A
west long. -146.63
east long. -146.5
north lat. 61.1
south lat. 61.08
parameters abundance and diversity of organisms arriving to the Port Valdez, AK in ballast tanks and ballast water of oil tankers
current sharing status not available
current advertising status scientific publication, conference presentation, SERC Web Site
abstract Community composition and density of organisms present in segregated (clean) ballast water of commercial oil tankers arriving to Port Valdez, Alaska. Most ballast water sampled originates from the western U.S. (i.e., California, Oregon, and Washington) and the residual arrives from overseas (especially Asia). This dataset is on-going and presently includes biological data from approximately 130 vessels. Most of the samples focus on large zooplankton, which are collected by 80 micron plankton net.
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