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meta key # crab004
dataset or series of data Nearshore fish seine sampling
keywords Rhode River, estuary, long-term monitoring, fish, spatial & temporal variation
originator Hines, A. H.
file format ascii text column format
platform Windows
study site locale Rhode River, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
beginning date 19800610
ongoing? yes
ending date  
meas. freq. one time/year; June, July, August
site size 33 m seine; 2 seines/site since 1990. 3 seines/site 1980-1989.
# of stations 13
west longitude -76.55
east longitude -76.55
north latitude 38.87
south latitude 38.87
parameters Date, Seining station, Seine #, Species #, abundance number (# of each species/seine). Blue crabs & grass shrimp are codes, e.g., code 3=10-99 blue crabs or grass shrimp.
current sharing status available to collaborators
current advertising status scientific publications, lectures, SERC public site
abstract Populations of nearshore fish in the Rhode River estuary of the Chesapeake Bay were sampled once per year in late June starting in 1980.
additional documentation / reference article Hines, A. H. et al. 1987. Estuarine invertebrates and fish: sampling design and constraints for long-term measurements of population dynamics. New Approaches to Monitoring Ecosystems. ASTM ; ASTM. STP 940. T. P. Boyle, Ed., American Society for Testing and Materials. Philadelphia, pp. 140-164. 

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