SERC Data Table of Contents

meta key # co2 005
dataset or series of data Marsh elevated CO2 study-shoot number, SERC, Edgewater, MD
keywords shoot number, stem number, density
originator Drake, B.G.
file format column formatted ascii text or Excel worksheet
platform PC
study site locale Kirkpatrick Marsh, Rhode River, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
beg. date (yyyymmdd) 1987
ongoing? yes
end date (yyyymmdd)  
meas. freq. annually (end of July-beginning of August)
site size 0.8 m diameter plots (C3) and five 25cm2 subplots (C4) 
# of stations 45 plots (15 per community)
west long. -76.33
east long. -76.33
north lat. 38.53
south lat. 38.53
parameters shoot number
current sharing status available to collaborators
current advertising status scientific publications, SERC web site
abstract Shoot density data for C3 and C4 plants in the C3, C4 and mixed communities under ambient and elevated CO2 and in chamberless plots. Scirpus olneyi densities were obtained by censusing the entire plot, Spartina patens densities and densities of other C4 plants were obtained by subsampling each plot.
additional documentation / reference article P.S. Curtis et al. 1989. Oecologia 78:20-26; Drake, B.G. et al. 1996. In: Carbon Dioxide and Terrestrial Ecosystems, G.W. Koch and H.A. Mooney eds. Academic Press. pp. 197-214.

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