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Lauren Esposito - Harmful Algal Blooms

McDaniel College, Westminister, MD

The Effects of Toxic and Non-Toxic Strains of Karlodinium veneficum on Rotifers
of the Rhode River, an Estuary of the Chesapeake Bay

I contrasted rotifer responses to another bloom-forming alga, Prorocentrum minimum.  The three rotifers that dominate in Chesapeake Bay are Synchaeta cecilia, S. baltica, and Brachionus sp.  I worked with Brachionus plicatilis for all my experiments. My experience was great and it will prepare me for graduate school after two more years at McDaniel College to finish up my BA in Biology. 

Quote – Being a SERC intern was a great first experience because the environment, people, and research was amazing and made me never want to leave.  It has given me some insight to my future with science.

Funding provided by the National Science Foundation – Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)