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Michael Kuzmak - Media Office

Syracuse University, NY

As a media intern I became more familiar with technical skills for the camera and editing system AVID.  I filmed material for four subjects: Chuck Gallegos' demonstration on the four component parts of water; Amy Lewis and crew's survey of several creeks and parts of the Bay for Submerged Aquatic Vegetation growth and invasive species; Bert Drake's lecture at the CO2 site (marsh) about his experiment, its long-term nature and the importance of the data collected; the internship program, including field research, lab work, interviews, leisure time and group activities. I logged tapes and transcribed interviews, edited projects to more concisely convey the project's message and visited a professional editing company to gain their input on how to proceed with the project.

While the internship has improved my technical proficiency with a camera and editing system, I don't think I was ready to attempt completion of a project (and project style) I was unfamiliar with.  Consequently I've learned how much effort and drafting needs to go into a project before editing can begin - and in some cases, even before filming. I've become more familiar with the documentary approach to filmmaking and work in the "real world" as compared to school projects.

My experience at SERC has taught me more about the field I'm interested in and given me a much better idea of what this line of work entails, an experience I don't think I'd have learned at school.