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Katarina Juhaszova - Plant Ecology Lab

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

My research this summer focused on the effect of different carbon sources on the population distribution of fungi in study plots amended with orchid seeds.  Fungal distribution in relation to orchid seeds was of interest because orchid protocorms require fungi in order to germinate.  We found that not only does carbon source influence the species distribution of fungi, but that age of the forest in which the plots are located also has a significant effect.  This fall I plan to work at Johns Hopkins as a lab tech, and to apply to graduate schools. 

It is definitely true that with my internship at the Plant Ecology Lab, I got out of it as much as I put in.  I worked hard, but I was rewarded with the pleasure of seeing interesting results emerge from my work, and gained a lot of very useful hands-on experience with molecular techniques. This has definitely helped me gain a clearer idea of where I want to go with my career.