Emily Gleason - Internship Program Assistant

St. Mary's College, St. Mary's City, MD

This summer I worked as an intern under Kim Sproat, the Fellowship and Internship Coordinator.  I helped Kim organize, run, and evaluate the various orientation events, intern activities, and other events that the interns participated in.  Another project I helped with was the start of an alumni network for which I laid much of the groundwork.  The hope of this project is for past interns to be able to find information about old friends and co-workers on the alumni section of the SERC intern webpage, and also provide future interns with information about people in related fields.  If they have questions they could hopefully contact these people to ask them for advice and suggestions.  It might also help SERC find people that would be good to invite for seminar and lectures.  I enjoyed my internship, and found that I am interested in the educational side to biology and environmental science.

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