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2000 Interns

Jenna Lempa
Mia Levine
Kelly O'Malley
Heather Simons
Christine Whitcraft


Back row: Ryan Szuch, Kim Briggs, Dionne Daniels, Kelly Anderson, Mia Levine (fall 2000 intern), Sara Gomez, Kristi Niehaus, Rebecca Archer Front row: Jenna Lempa (fall 2000 intern), Jammie Kohen, Lara Lustig, Amanda Bower, Denise Walker, Elizabeth Gladmon, Galeet Cohen, Ariel Settles (not all interns pictured)
Kelly Anderson
Rebecca Archer
Kimberly Briggs
Amanda Bower
Galeet Cohen
Dionne Daniels
Elizabeth Gladmon
Sara Gomez Garcia
Sohayla Hamon
Naomi Hosaka
Shelby Howard
Andrew Hunt
Mona Johansson
Christine Kennedy
Jammie Kohen
Jaime Lawshe
Lara Lustig
Kristi Niehaus
Brian Rodenbeck
Ariel Settles
Ryan Szuch
Denise Walker


Samuel Sibley

Summer 2000 interns enjoy the end of the season Crab Fest.

Coco, Denise, Jaime, and Kristen (Summer 2000) in Washington, DC.

**Thank you to Denise Walker (Summer 2000) for supplying the pictures!**