Given the breadth of our interests, it is not surprising that our projects involve collaborations
with other scientists and students who bring a diversity of skills to our endeavors. Our collaborators also bring a broad cultural diversity that makes our research even more rewarding.

Orchids & Fungi

Martin Bidartondo
Lecturer in Fungal Sciences
Imperial College of London
Kew, U.K.

Jeff Diez
Postdoctoral Fellow
Lincoln University, New Zealand

Timothy Filley
Purdue University

Richard P. Shefferson
Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Ecology
University of Georgia

Zoe Smith
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Sweet Briar College, VA

D. Lee Taylor
Institute of Arctic Biology
University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Terrestrial Ecosystems

Martin Cipollini
Plant Ecologist
Berry College, GA

David Gorchov
Associate Professor
Miami University, Ohio

Heidi Huber
Plant Ecologist
University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Cliff Johnston 
Professor of Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy
Purdue University

Shoichi Kawano
Smithsonian Institution Regent Fellow
Emeritus Professor
Kyoto University

Richard Pouyat 
Research Forester
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
U.S. Forest Service

Katalin Szlavecz
Invertebrate Soil Ecologist
Johns Hopkins University

Wetlands Ecology

Andrew Baldwin
Associate Professor
University of Maryland, College Park

Aat Barendregt
Assistant Professor in Enironmental Science
Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Karin M. Kettenring
Assistant Professor
Department of Watershed Sciences
Utah State University

Riks Laanbroek
Professor in microbial ecology
NIOO and Utrecht University
The Netherlands

Mark Cable Rains
Associate Professor
Department of Geology
University of South Florida

Landscape Ecology

Ryan King
Assistant Professor
Baylor University, Texas

Jos Verhoeven
Plant Ecologist
Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Denice Wardrop
Research Associate
Penn State University

Coowe Walker
Watershed Specialist
Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, Alaska